Patterns - Short Sleeved Waistcoat

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Short Sleeved Waistcoat3450 gr5
Short Sleeved Waistcoat3850 gr6
Short Sleeved Waistcoat4250 gr7
Short Sleeved Waistcoat4650 gr7
Short Sleeved Waistcoat5050 gr8
Short Sleeved Waistcoat5450 gr9
Top3450 gr4
Top3850 gr4
Top4250 gr5
Top4650 gr6
Top5050 gr6
Top5450 gr7
Waistcoats3450 gr4
Waistcoats3850 gr5
Waistcoats4250 gr6
Waistcoats4650 gr6
Waistcoats5050 gr7
Waistcoats5450 gr8
Knitting Needles 4 mm
Knitting Needles 3.25 mm
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