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Cardigan1450 gr1
Cardigan1650 gr2
Cardigan1850 gr2
Cardigan2050 gr3
Cardigan2250 gr3
Cardigan2450 gr4
Cardigan 2 coloured1450 gr2-1
Cardigan 2 coloured1650 gr3-1
Cardigan 2 coloured1850 gr3-1
Cardigan 2 coloured2050 gr4-1
Cardigan 2 coloured2250 gr4-1
Cardigan 2 coloured2450 gr5-1
Pants1450 gr1
Pants1650 gr2
Pants1850 gr2
Pants2050 gr3
Knitting Needles 4 mm
Knitting Needles 3.25 mm
rrp: £2.99
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